Your company’s distinct personality is what provides it a competitive edge. You can further your advantage using applications that were specially created.

Sirius Technologies consistently maintains its position at the forefront of application development by adapting to new developments in technology and contemporary trends. Innovative business solutions are designed, developed, implemented, and continuously improved by our skilled and qualified development teams using cutting-edge approaches for all popular platforms and devices. To help you boost company ROI, our cloud, desktop, and mobile applications provide the optimum blend of performance, usability, cost-efficiency, robustness, and maintainability.

Web and desktop enterprise applications

Using web applications developed by Sirius Technologies, local and international clients from all major industries have digitalized and improved their internal and customer-facing operations. We create robust and approachable applications that customers may access from any contemporary web browser by utilising a wide range of proprietary and open-source contemporary technologies and frameworks.
Additionally, Sirius Technologies offers high-quality, immersive user experiences, native and cross-platform desktop application development services for all popular operating systems.




Native and cross-platform mobile apps

A user-friendly, mobile-first experience is a potent approach to distinguish your business and develop a devoted following of customers. Sirius Technologies provides a full range of services for creating native and cross-platform mobile applications. Using scalable cloud backend solutions, we produce exceptional mobile experiences for Android and iOS. To make sure that your mobile apps continue to be essential for your consumers and team members, we continuously innovate and regularly deliver app updates.

Application modernization

For legacy software to continue to function with more modern technology and business applications, it needs to be maintained by highly paid, hard to find specialists. Sirius Technologies uses a variety of application modernization strategies to assist you in modifying and improving your outdated business software. Applications that have been modernized are less expensive to operate, provide better functionality and a better customer experience, support heavier workloads, and increase ROI.

Modernization Assessment

We determine the most appropriate strategy for modernizing your applications and propose a detailed roadmap

Lift-and-Shift (IaaS)

Quickly and cost-efficiently migrate your legacy applications’ resources as-is from on-premises infrastructure to your cloud platform of choice

Cloud-Native Modernization (PaaS)

Adapt your legacy apps to modern cloud architecture with lightweight Docker containers and microservices architecture to minimize infrastructure spend and enhance agility

Application Migration

Improve the efficiency, agility, and user experience of on-premises legacy applications by migrating them to modern technology and open-source frameworks

DevOps tools

Managed Services

Select Sirius Technologies to monitor, manage, and improve your apps and infrastructure to accommodate your expanding business needs. Our managed support staff regularly suggests solutions to streamline business processes and give maximum value while proactively identifying bottlenecks to keep your applications running at optimal speed.


Infrastructure and application monitoring

Our cloud-based management service collects real-time data and offers actionable insights on your IT footprint for enhanced decision-making.

Azure Monitor


BPO Automation

the accuracy and efficiency of repetitive business tasks by switching from outsourcing to intelligent automation technologies.
Blue Prism
Automation Anywhere