As long as the fetus is being denied the opportunity to experience conscious life, abortion becomes wrong. However, in some circumstances, abortion becomes necessary regardless. Despite being seen as one of the worst practices in society, abortion has faced a lot of campaigns for its legalization in most countries. Although some people are still against its legalization, other societies are highly advocating for it on several grounds of argument . So, the main point of the issue revolves around whether abortion should be regarded as moral or not, considering the circumstances under which it may be carried out. This question goes hand in hand with the issue of legalization as if it is moral, it should be legalized and vice versa.

Supporters of abortion argue that the priority ought to be given to the mother. However, the outlawing of abortion implies that the lives of mothers are exposed to great risks. Even in cases where it is evident that the life of a mother is in danger, health care practitioners may be reluctant to carry out abortion due to the fear of being reprimanded. There are also cases where women are raped and view abortion is being important beginning words for sentences in the healing processes. Speaking of the second point the supporters of abortion have, we should say that they find abortion as the mother’s attempt to protect the unborn child from the various hardship she will fail to fight. One might say that the mothers’ problem should be solved in some other way irrelevant to human life. But realizing the poverty rate , one may see that this decision is grounded, at least financially.

The Ethical Dilemma of Abortion

Justifying abortion from the point of the means by which it was acquired, is one way of creating a gap in the law that concerns it because most people will find excuses to practice it. There is also the indication that there are cases where the pregnancy how to write a thematic essay for english exposes the mother to great health risks. There are cases where health complications by the mother make it challenging to carry a pregnancy. In such a setting, the doctors may be required to save the life of either the mother or the fetus.

abortion is murder essay

What we should ask is not whether anybody should be compelled by law to be a Good Samaritan, but whether we must accede to a situation in which bridge in essay example somebody is being compelled–by nature, perhaps–to be a Good Samaritan. We have, in other words, to look now at third-party interventions.


And I remember some of them being maimed in back-alley abortions; some of them died. The problem with discussing it is that nearly everyone is so wildly emotional about the topic that they all wind up sounding insane. Watching the “pro-choice” and “pro-life” camps duking it out, you’d never know there were more than two possible sides to the issue.

  1. It is also called termination.An induced abortion is a process where measured steps are taken to end a pregnancy.
  2. Is it “ok” to allow her to murder her own blood, her own flesh, her own baby?
  3. If one wishes to consider “person” a moral category, as is often done, then one is left with no way of showing that the fetus is not a person without begging the question.
  4. In general, what makes life worth living for one person will not be the same as what makes life worth living for another.
  5. For instance, it becomes a question of matter to compare the life of the mother and that of the child.
  6. Therefore, when mothers commit this act in the name of protecting themselves, it is important that they also regard the rights and well-being of the child.
  7. However, something can be in someone’s interest without that individual being capable of caring about it, or about anything.

After having an abortion, many women can tell a person the true facts–abortion is murder. Studies have shown that pregnant mother’s freedom of choice over her body shouldn’t prevent her baby from having a chance at life. These moves only stave off the difficulties with the pro-choice view; they do not resolve them.

Reasons Why a Woman Should Say “No” to Induced Abortion

This argument is based on an account of the wrongness of killing that is a result of our considered judgment of the nature of the misfortune of premature death. It accounts for why we regard killing as one of the worst of crimes. It is superior to alternative accounts of the wrongness of killing that are intended to provide insight into the ethics of abortion.

Moreover, many communities are based on strategic, religious values with acts like abortion seen as going against the teachings. There is thus the call for the need to abolish abortion and ensure that the global regents enduring issues rights to life of unborn children are upheld. Legalizing abortion is regarded as having the effect of exposing unborn children to great danger. The complaints are no less grave; they are just different.

Heres Why Abortion Bans Could Be Detrimental To All Women

One of the most divisive issues in America is the controversy surrounding abortion. Currently, abortion is legal in America, and many people believe that it should remain legal.

However, even though the value of life principle is essential, it is not the only factor that should be considered. Other principles are observed even in the case of the existence of an innocent unborn baby. Additionally, the integrity of bodily life, which entails the protection of human being from dangerous situations, for example, war and capital punishment among other life-threatening enduring issue essay event is also a significant factor. Moreover, individuals, that is the mother, and the unborn baby has the freedom to lead a life they deem best for themselves. As a result, there is no assurance of the absolute right to life even for the fetus. Thus, abortion in the early stage of the pregnancy, especially within the first three months, can be done by mothers who do not want a child.

Pro Choice: Why Abortion Should Remain a Legal Right

But does he have a right against everybody that they shall refrain from unplugging you frolic him? To refrain from doing this is to allow him to continue to use your kidneys.

All the same it might well be said, as in the newly amended violinist story, that she ought to allow it to remain for that hour–that it would be indecent of her to refuse. On the other hand, this argument would give the unborn person a right to its mother’s body only if her pregnancy resulted from a voluntary act, undertaken in full knowledge of the chance a pregnancy might result from it. It would leave out entirely the unborn person whose existence is due to rape. Some people seem to have thought that these are not further premises which must be added if the conclusion is to be reached, but that they follow from the very fact that an innocent person has a right to life. But this seems to me to be a mistake, and perhaps the simplest way to show this is to bring out that while we must certainly grant that innocent persons have a right to life, the theses in through are all false. If directly killing an innocent person is murder, and thus is impermissible, then the mother’s directly killing the innocent person inside her is murder, and thus is impermissible.

Womens Rights to Choose

What is valuable to the young may not be valuable to the middle-aged. What is valuable to the middle-aged may not be valuable to the old. Some of life’s values for the elderly are best appreciated by the elderly. Thus it is wrong to say that the value of my future to me is just what I value now. What makes my future valuable to me are those aspects of my future that I will value when I will experience them, whether I value them now or not.

  1. From a religious perspective, it’s more important to consider the moral issues involved in making a decision about abortion.
  2. Therefore, the extents of the human rights that apply to this unborn baby will also increase.
  3. Notice that the wrongness of killing infants can be explained in the absence of an account of what makes the future of an individual sufficiently valuable so that it is wrong to kill that individual.
  4. But it may be something more interesting, namely the sense that one has a right to refuse to lay hands on people, even where it would be just and fair to do so, even where justice seems to require that somebody do so.
  5. Other countries around the world have different laws and some have completely outlawed abortion, including Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador.

But what if a man cannot extricate himself from such a situation? It seems to me plain that there are cases in which we can, cases in which a Good Samaritan would extricate him. There you are, you were kidnapped, and nine years in bed with that violinist lie ahead of you. You are sorry, but you simply cannot see giving up so much of your life to the sustaining of his.

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If you are having trouble seeing or completing this challenge, this page may help. If you continue to experience issues, you can contact JSTOR support. Another cause would be that one of the partners may think that their relationship may breakup or end soon, not every woman or every man is responsible for raising a child on their own being a single parent. A child being raised without on of his/her parents would lead to many negative things is the child life, every child needs their parents to be with them throughout their life.

abortion is murder essay

This account of the wrongness of killing is supported by the way it handles cases in which our moral judgments are settled. This account has an analogue in the most plausible account of the wrongness of causing animals to suffer.