Although iOS is a safe platform with built-in security features, you will still need to use an antivirus software to ensure that your iPhone is safe. Viruses are dangerous and can cause your device to crash, stop opening apps that you did not download or slow it down. Fortunately, viruses and malware are usually spotted by antivirus software prior to getting within your device. The best antivirus apps include rapid scanning features that scan all your downloaded media and app data to identify any issues that might be present and also include additional features like a password manager, contact backups and a call blocker scanning photos and an anti-theft system.

The majority of the top antivirus programs come with a free version that provides basic protection, however you’ll probably need to opt for the premium version to enjoy certain of its more advanced features. These could include password management or an anti-theft device as well as a VPN as well as an automatic software updater and many more. If you are worried about privacy, more advanced applications include features such as a dark web monitoring tool to determine if personal information is leaked online.

Many of the top antivirus software is bitdefender better than avast can be installed on multiple devices so that everyone in an entire household can use them simultaneously. Be aware that some of these are sold as yearly subscriptions that can add up when you have to purchase several years at a time.